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                Changzhou Wujin Chemical Machinery CO.,LTD. is a key Plant, Which is specialized in manufacturing chemical equipment in Jiangsu Province. The plant lies in the western suburd of Changzhou. It faces to the Shanghai-Nanjing Railway and the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal in the south and the Yangtze River in the North and is close to the Changzhou Civil Airport and Shanghai-Nangjing Expressway. With the superior geographical position. it is cery convenient for traffic of water, air and land way.
                The plant's site area is 38,000 square meters and its building area 20,000 square meters. It is characterzed by strong technical forces in casting. cold working and mechanical processing facilities. The plant's main products inclide SS300N-1000N series three-foot centrifugal, SGT800-1200 series three foot-scraper centrifugal with bottom discharge, BM(A)JY2m2-100m2 series plat frame-press filter, XM(A)JY series chest press filter,CT. CT-C series style oven with circulating hot wind, FW400-600 turbine pulverizer,SLH(DSH) series taper mixer with double spiral and etc. They are ideal equipment for separating solid from liquid, stoving, puLverizing and mixing and widely used in the trade of chemistry, dyestuff, petrol industry, pharmacy, light Industry, food, building materials, ceramics, smeltery and environmental protection. The products have been well sold all over the country and have been exported to the Southeast Asia.
                The plant has been continuously awarded"observing contract and keeping promises" for Len years. The principle of our plant is quality first, customers supreme and complying with contract. Customers are warmly welcome to do business with us.
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